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50 is a young mixed breed dog. He looks like there is definitely some handsome German shepherd, maybe some Doberman, or border collie...? What do you guess?? Maybe his new family can do one of those cool DNA tests - we would love an update!

50 is a BIG puppy.
His dad was experiencing homelessness and they lived on the streets of Indianapolis together.
Their little family walked all over downtown Indianapolis, for miles each day, pushing Dad’s cool cart where he had all of their belongings, plus his trademark cans. They saw lots of people every day - there was always cool things to do, and places to go. They were always together 24/7, best friends.

Unfortunately, living on the streets can be tough, and both 50 and dad ended up hurt pretty badly. 50 came to us, to heal from his injury, and wait on dad to get better too, and get a home...

Although his dad is finally starting to get little better and is close to getting support with a safe place, he’s not going to be able to care for him like he used this pup is looking for another human to continue his adventures he loves!

50 had been hit by a car. He has received great vet care and even had surgery for injury to his back leg. It IS possible 50 may need an additional surgery in the future, which we are happy to discuss with serious adopters. SOAR would cover that surgery at our vet choice. This has not slowed him down and is VERY energetic!

Are you active? Love hiking? Swimming??? 50 LOVES activities!! He’s your man.

A perfect home for him will make sure his kiddie pool has water to splash in, every day, until it’s just too cold outside. His human will like spending time being active and provide a safe way for him to stretch his legs in a run every day.

Since 50 has never lived in a traditional home like you or I, he will need help with manners. Because of this, we would not recommend young children. We provide a great alternative home for dogs, but it’s nothing like a family to help you become your best boy.

He is the sweetest boy, and has dog friends he enjoys every day here. We would not recommend 50 with kitties, because he’s just too much for them.

50 does well if crated when left alone and is housebroken when using his crate as a tool. He needs more work to be a good boy alone.

He’s neutered, UTD, vaccinated, and heartworm negative. 50 weighs about 60lbs and may still get larger.

If you’re ready to get the party started, he’s your guy. Our team would like updates from his family!



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